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Emily Thompson

Hey everyone! I'm Emily (most people call me Em). I'm the Community Manager for Fjällräven in Canada and my background is in event planning, digital marketing, and community development.

At Fjällräven, I'm currently seeking ways to pivot our Community Strategy for 2021 to activate more virtual gatherings while still connecting people to nature (what our brand is all about!). I'm also supporting our internal community development for Managers and their teams across North America and hope to host a virtual summit in 2021 to bring us together when we physically can't be in the same room. My role is unique and the first of its kind in our company so I often feel a bit isolated, which is why I'm keen to join a community like this one to get inspired by other leaders in community!

In my spare time, I love hiking or running up mountains, cycling, cooking, reading, and I practice and teach yoga.

Thank you for starting this community!