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Discussion on: If You Were Embarking On Finding Your First Community Role Today, Where Would You Start?

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Emily Pumm Author • Edited on

Wow, this was so helpful; thanks for taking the time to write out such a thoughtful response!

I think you're spot on and articulated some gut feelings I had that I was having trouble pinpointing. It's funny - last year I had an awesome, up-incoming food brand that I genuinely love string me along for the opportunity to be their first community manager. I was really bummed out when they chose someone with "more experience" (a.k.a. an MLM Instagrammer that had an established friendship with women already on their team (an infuriating, separate discussion haha)), but after I read your post, I really feel like I dodged a bullet. Yes, they have a strong fanbase, but not yet a truly cultivated community... and I think by managing all these different moving parts they were asking for - the e-mail marketing, content creation, twitter, blog, etc. - I would have been quickly burnt out and very frustrated... so thanks for that reassurance!

I'm definitely going to pivot into looking for companies with a senior CM leader or a larger team because that upper level mentorship is something I was always searching for in my previous content creator roles, but never had, so I definitely, definitely think that's wise suggestion. Thank you!

I would love to chat with you further on shifting my resume/cover letter to be more community focused, what companies I should keep an eye on, etc.

Let me know if you have any availability this week or next! :)

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Noele Flowers

Yay, so glad this helped! Let's definitely chat further (you've piqued my interest with this MLM story and now I need to know! 😂 ) Want to shoot me an email at and we can coordinate a good time?

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Emily Pumm Author

Sounds good! Watch out for an e-mail from me today.