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Discussion on: #ClubChat: How do you balance community happiness with necessary changes in your community?

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Erica Moss

First and foremost, thank you for the David Rose gif. Secondly, the name of the change management game for the Atlassian Community is focus groups. We may have an inkling about an update or pivot we want to make (which is often prompted by our ambassadors, whom we call Leaders), but we always want to "co-create" with them and our general members because without their buy-in, they'll feel less invested and will be less likely to come along for the ride.

When we moved to bring our events Leaders and online Leaders under one umbrella, we set up a series of focus groups to help us reimagine what the different parts of the program would look like (onboarding, perks and rewards, event resources, etc.) They were eager to offer their insights, and we would report back on what we could execute on out of the gate, what belonged in a v2 version, and what things didn't make sense to integrate.

This is also where a Community Advisory Board is incredibly useful as well — choose reps from different facets of your community (online, events, partners) that represent the interests of the members at large.