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Erin Bensinger (she/her)

Hey all! I'm Erin, a freelance content writer & social media strategist WFH forever from Kalamazoo, Michigan. One of my wonderful freelance clients is DEV, where I help out the content team as a part-time social media coordinator.

I'm an extrovert who now spends most of my time alone due to COVID, and since I freelance, my only coworker is my cat, Goose. 🐱 Where IRL community is concerned, I sit on my neighborhood association's board of directors, where I help use our nonprofit budget to support my neighbors. In a past life, I lived in punk houses and booked/organized basement shows. All that to say: community building & participation is really important to me! I'm really looking forward to building both my professional and personal skills in the area of digital community building and management. I look forward to connecting with you all 😊