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Eugenia Yuan

Hi everyone, I am Eugenia from down under 😁, great to be a part of the Community Club with fellow community lovers! ❤️

I came across this space when I was doing research for my startup, Inspiring Chats, as we build customised solutions for communities to empower 1-1 member connections. 🙌

As a marketing and business development professional, and soon to join the university space (RMIT) as a Community Coordinator to lead entrepreneurship programs 🤗, I have come across many people who are members of large online communities with thousands of members, but don't really feel a sense of connection and belonging - This promped me to develop a solution to help people get to know each other within communities.

I look forward to learning from you all, sharing updates, and hearing from you if you are happy to share your insights/experiences/feedback 🤝 Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email at 🎈

All the best!