The Community Club

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

What is Community Club?
Community Club is your go-to place for anything and everything to do with community building. Whether you're an experienced community manager, just starting out, a founder building a community-driven business, or just community curious, the club has something for you. Our members have backgrounds in pretty much every industry and community setup, and we strive to be a welcoming and educational place for everyone.

Who can post on the Community Club forum?
Anyone can post here so long as you follow our Code of Conduct (please read these rules, they're important!).

I have a blog or Medium account where I share a lot of my thoughts. Is it okay if I post those here or share the links?
Absolutely (so long as it adheres to our Code of Conduct)! We love when people share what they've written, especially if it's directly related to community building. There's even a way to sync your Medium account so it will automatically cross-post here.

Why was my post removed?
Likely because it didn't adhere to our Code of Conduct. If you think your post abides by the rules we've set forth and should be approved, please contact us!

I found a bug (not a security vulnerability). How do I report it?
If it looks like it's something wrong with the forum/platform itself, please send a report to the Forem team. If it's something that the Community Club team can probably take care of, please contact us directly.

I found a security vulnerability. How do I report it?
This is something that should be reported directly to the Forem team. You can contact them here.

I found something that looks like spam. How do I report it?
For a specific comment: navigate to the comment and click the dropdown arrow to report abuse.

For a specific article: navigate to the article, scroll to the bottom and click report abuse.

In general, you can fill out the report abuse form.

How do tags work?
You can add up to four tags per post, and you have the option to use pre-existing tags or to create your own from scratch. Tags approved by the Community Club team show up on the righthand side of the homepage and can be browsed at your leisure or you can follow a tag to incorporate posts with that tag in your home feed.

I'm no longer interested in being part of this community. How do I delete my account?
You can delete your own account in your settings. This will remove your profile, articles, comments, messages, and data associated with your account.