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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What was your favourite community initiative/project that you worked on this year?

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is a decentralized festival promoted by the Lisbon City Council in which all the events are organized by the entrepreneurial community, aiming to help their communities to grow and also to positioning Lisbon as currently one of most competitive, innovative and creative cities at the European level.

In this year we made it 3x bigger than the previous edition, having for the first time curators & verticals, which allowed us to go from regular workshop events to meaningful discussions, accounting with 52 founders, 41 C-levels, 39 Community Leaders, 22 policy makers, 15 researchers, 13 investors as speakers / panelists at LEW’s events.

This was only possible as we had engaged with +100 ecosystem players, who have organized all these events. We also introduced experiences around town & perks for entrepreneurs allowing us to reach new audiences.

Despite being featured in all the main portuguese media outlets (ECO, Sapo, Observador, NiT and many more) we had +40K page views and also reached 1MM on social media.