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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v7

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Francisco Cruz Mendoza

Hello friends 👋 My name is Francisco and I have been working in community for nearly a decade. I began my career over at Startup Grind where I helped scale the community from 20 to 220 chapters around the world. The solutions we created for the community would later be spun out into Bevy which has helped some awesome companies foster great communities.

I recently began a new adventure as a Community Manager over at Notion where I support an amazing community of Ambassadors. Already it has been loads of fun and am eagerly working on some announcements soon 🎉

During my free time you can find me tinkering with hi-fi speakers + headphones, going on rainy day hikes, or watching movies 🎥

So happy to be here and looking forward to learning from you all!

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Ethan Clift

Love Notion and the subreddit!

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Golda Velez

Oh I love Notion! we aren't using it bc of the pricing model - we have a ton of users - but I think its super well designed