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Gene Chorba Ask Me Anything
  • I have always been interested in the gaming industry, but never thought I would end up here. When I was a child i remember watching a PBS documentary of a game studio and thinking that was the coolest place to work I had ever seen. However nowhere I lived was ever a hotbed for gaming or development, so I never pursued it as a job. I basically had a full career path before ever making the switch to gaming when Riot approached me. Now that I am in the industry, it will be very hard for me to ever leave. The creativity, talent and riding the bleeding edge of technology and culture is a heck of a kool-aid. We are only getting started in the gaming industry and so I look forward to the next 5-10 years and the lightspeed jumps ahead we are going to see.

  • The two biggest challenges for me where not coding everyday, and becoming a better writer. As a developer relations professional good writing is absolutely the most important part of the job. Blog posts, policies, books, docs, support, pitch decks, etc.. I swear that 75% of my job is just writing things.

  • My biggest tip to engineers who want to be involved is just start getting involved. Be there to answer questions of all times, contribute to the discussions, and start writing about why you make certain decisions. Most companies these days have a tech blog, and the team who runs that will love it if you volunteer to write a post.