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Rob Gelb Ask Me Anything

Hey Alex - thanks for the question :) I think the biggest change has been all the awesome ways you can engage with your audience in a way that suits the moment in time. For example, the rise of awesome experiences like Remo, Teamflow,, Airmeet, Toasty, and more allow you to craft an event experience that fits different attendee mechanics.

I see online events as simply an extension of one's community, and an opportunity to grow one's audience while also giving them an opportunity to share their expertise.

I also have absolutely loved to see the innovation when it comes to the types of events that people run in terms of niche subject-matter. For example we have a writing coach who teaches people how to craft amazing stories. Instead of creating 'Author Con 2020' he decided to do a summit all about Plot. Even though it sounded niche, it still served his audience immensely and was extremely popular. It then gives him an opportunity to craft his next one around the subject of Setting, or another topic.

We've also seen what we call 'bridge' events starting to become more popular with communities - having a quarterly summit where all the speakers are members of the community. The community is served by each other, and the summit is used as a lead-generation opportunity for new members.