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Discussion on: AMA with Robert Gelb

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Rob Gelb Ask Me Anything

Great question Sagi! Fundamentally you need to first remember who your audience is and why they are taking part. What are they looking to get out of this event? Is it learning? Access to an expert? Workshops? Different motivations require different formats and you shouldn't feel pressure to throw everything and anything at the wall if your attendees would be served better with simplicity.

It's also important to remember that an online event isn't an in-person one so the attendee mechanics need to be different. It's not really reasonable to expect someone to be jazzed sitting in front of the computer at full attention for 8 hours live. You're competing with their email, with their work, and with a dozen other distractions. Instead of thinking about it from the point of view of an in-person event, think instead of it as a journey you're taking them on in order to get them to a destination and take advantage of the fact that it's online. Instead of 8 hours over 1 day, why not make it just the mornings over 2 or 3 days? If there's a lot of content that doesn't need to be seen live, give them access to watch it over a month instead.

Finally, formats and novel experiences are amazing tools that we don't use nearly enough. Introducing fun games like slide emoji bingo, networking challenges, or lunch and learns are great ways to jazz people up. Having different ways to engage with speakers like offering office-hours are great low-effort ways to deliver more value as well.