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Any advice to find beta testers?

We just opened our waiting list and we are looking for beta testers.

We want a lot of feedback to improve, hear our customers out and develop along with them. You must know how crucial it is.

We are giving free early access + special discounts for life in return.

Here it is in case you want to check it out:

-> Sideby makes online customer support a side-by-side experience in real-time.

So, any tips for finding beta testers?
Maybe other communities?
I just found and I am also trying Reddit, if you know any other, please let me know :)

Tks in advance!

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Joanne Griffin

Hi @griselgrisel - our community at organises Beta groups for early stage startups (pro bono). Our community is free to join - all we ask is that members pay it forward and lead with value 😊.

We currently have two Beta groups running at the moment - one on a 12 week programme and one on a 6 week run. We capture user feedback via forms, Slack conversations and periodic founder Zoom calls for troubleshooting. Our members are mostly SMEs.

LMK if it might be a good fit for you! Joanne

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Other communities definitely, but try these as well, hope this helps:

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Ashish Suyal • Edited on

Hi @griselgrisel

Are you looking for help for an audit of your community?

If you want we can jump over a call and discuss this.