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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v8

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Grace Thieme

Hello! I just started my first CM role a few weeks ago, and successfully launched my community April 1st. It was a crazy first few weeks and now that I have the community created, I'm eager to learn more about best practices for keeping it going & growing.

Our community is Circle-hosted and serves as a social hub and resource library for fiction writers. We currently have about 250 members after our initial onboarding push.

Besides connection with other CM's (which I'm really looking forward to), I'm seeking resources about the following:

  1. How to keep a large public community engaged and feeling safe and welcome.
  2. How to manage my schedule, priorities, and workload as a department of one.
  3. How to really understand and use the metrics data I collect.

I'm really excited to be here, and can't wait to meet y'all :)