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I'd love to hear how you 'spotlight' members of your community!

We're looking to change up our Member of the Month feature, from something that simply highlights an Academy member that has been a great asset to the community, to something a bit more in-depth.

This would allow for more content to be created around the Member Spotlight, would be a chance for the member to be showcased in front of a wider audience and would also be a way of offering swag/creating a hall of fame etc.

So I'd love to know:

  • How do you spotlight members of your community?
  • Do you choose these members yourself or are the nominated/self-nominated?
  • What are the criteria for choosing which member to spotlight?
  • How do you display this to your audience?

Any other thoughts/ideas welcome!
Thanks in advance :)

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Rosemary ONeill

I have been noodling around the idea of a video-centric approach, like a "sizzle reel" inspired by The Penny Hoarder, who did one for their whole community: They have this video displayed in the sidebar on their homepage (and they socially shared it when it was produced).

I think it would be fun to do the member of the month as a quick, short video, so it's shareable. The one drawback is that sometimes people are shy!

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Hannah Author

Thanks for sharing @rosemaryoneill - I think a video-centric approach would be great, like you say, dependent on shy-ness!

Would you just choose the Member of the Month or the member to spotlight yourself do you think? With your internal team?

What do you think of the idea of people nominating themselves for a member spotlight?

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Rosemary ONeill

I usually hand-pick, to avoid the discomfort of having to reject (or not highlight) someone who has nominated themselves. If you're hand-picking, too, people will still reach out to you behind the scenes anyway.