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I’m launching a 1000+ Communities Database to Promote your Product/Service across

I wanted to put a database I'm constantly compiling for my community outreach to better use. Heres a little about it. Let me know if it something that could be use if possible?

What problem does it solve?

Basically marketing in communities is time consuming and most people don’t know how to do it without being spammy or getting bounced. Communicable gives them the data to do it successfully.

It helps other makers, founders, marketers etc to save time, prevent burnout and reach, target, promote, market and engage prospective clients more successfully.

What it does:

Communitable is a database that helps you find where your ideal customers are hanging out online & then engage with them instantly.

It covers 1000+ communities that share advice, stories & shared interests across

⦁ 300+ Facebook Groups
⦁ 300+ Slack Channels
⦁ 250+ Discord Servers
⦁ 250+ Subreddits
⦁ 50 Circle/Independent Communities

The data can be aligned to fit individual end users business, customers and promotional strategy. For example entries can filtered by data points like:

⦁ Industry/Topic Categories
⦁ Online Platform
⦁ Sign Up details
⦁ Member Count
⦁ Community Description
⦁ Costs
⦁ Submission Guidelines
⦁ Podcast
⦁ Content Promotion Rules
⦁ Sponsorship Opportunities

It also includes invaluable data on:

⦁ Community content promotion rules
⦁ Best times/days to promote
⦁ Threads/areas in to promote/engage in
⦁ Best practice submission for relevant communities
⦁ Admin/Community contacts to help foster relationship and not get bounced

How I made it:

I was putting together a database of "watering holes" a la the teachings of Amy Hoy and realised others could use it too

Stack used to make it:

Stack used: Carrd + Airtable + Gumroad

If you've got the time check it out at and let me know what you think.

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Ben Halpern

Neat! Make sure not to be spammy folks. 😅

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Ric Arthur Author

No problem Ben! Happy to be part of the community