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Discussion on: How to manage the growth of a community?

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I would say the largest factor in growing your community is to really tailor everything towards the target group, as I'm sure your team is doing! Key factors when starting the community, I'd say is knowing where to promote/advertise the community, the easy of use of the UI and impact of the community content will bring to them.

Once you have an idea of the structure of the community and goals of the spaces within the community, it'll be much easier to gauge everything. As in, how to increase the count of new members, how to encourage the right kind of participation you're aiming for, and how to enable members to be be in the most appropriate spaces within your community.

I think you have a great start with what you've already done. Gamification is super great, in my opinion, regardless of your community goals. As this is an automated way to provide encouragement and engagement with your community. I would do activities on the member level, since they are who you are wanting to encourage to participate. Rather than on the ambassador level, who I assume may be getting some sort of benefit/compensation for being an ambassador. (This is with me thinking an ambassador is similar to a moderator, I apologize if I am incorrect here!)

As far as measuring growth; that can be a little challenging. But, I'll say that fostering the early members' relationships within the community and staying consistent will only help you gain members and promote organic community engagement. Plus, getting feedback from these members would be super helpful as they are your target group. Ask them how they like their experience with your community & what they feel they could use more or less of in the space!

This is only my opinion and best of luck to your new community! I am excited to see the others pitch in here to share their thoughts as well! I'd love to see other perspectives for the opportunity learn more, myself. :)

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Juliana Ossa Correa Author

Thanks so much! Your answer is very useful! :)