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Holly Firestone Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Really excited to chat with everyone today!

A little about me: I have been in the community industry since 2010. I've been focused on Enterprise community at Atlassian, Salesforce, and now Venafi. I'm also doing some pro-bono community strategy work for the nonprofit Pledge 1% (Check them out, they're awesome). I'm going to share a ton of info here (I am loquacious- every answer will probably be a novel), but I also have a blog you can check out at

Shameless plug: I'm hiring a Director, Community!

Sharing knowledge with other community industry professionals is really important and something I try to prioritize. I love the work I do as a community professional, and I'm excited to be here and share my thoughts and experiences with y'all.

I've been working remote for around 4 years now. I love working remote and would be happy to share some tips around remote work if that's something in which you are interested in hearing.

Now the fun stuff: I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Eric and our two weenie mutts, Zeus and Chester. I love 90s hip hop, queso, weenie dogs, and shoes. I'm obsessed with my grandma and love to share some of her top notch quotes in her very Jewish-lady-from-Queens accent. Favorite pandemic TV shows have been Ted Lasso (duh), Umbrella Academy, The Boys, and Never Have I Ever. Probably a million more I can't think of 😃. You can follow me on Twitter: @hollyfirestone , but it's worth a warning that I'm pretty vulgar and...opinionated about current events.

Huge thanks to Community Club for inviting me to participate in this AMA.

Now that you know every last detail about me, come at me with those questions! Nothing is off the table!