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Discussion on: 5 Things to Do When Changing Community Platforms

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Hey Jocelyn, these are great tips. One of the mistakes we made at Mindvalley when transitioning from FB groups to platform is that we didn't involve the community as much as we should have. It definitely wasn't a surprise, but we should have surveyed them to find out what they'd like to keep and what they'd like to change. For example, one of the things they missed is going live within the FB group which is a feature that didn't translate into the new platform. We tried to recreate the FB group environment as much as possible, but we still have some improvements to make. If we had to do it again, I'd do beta tests with our ambassadors first to get feedback and their buy-in.

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Jocelyn Author

Thanks for sharing your experience Cesar! It's not too late to get your ambassadors involved. You can reach out and ask them to chime in on some of the improvements you're hoping to make. They may be able to help you prioritize which to roll out first or tweak features to make them most useful for your community.