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Discussion on: How do you manage the risk of people hijacking your community❓

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Paul OBrien • Edited on

Identifying the really, truly bad seeds that are just spammers, vandals, and nasty ones who have no desire to get along is not hard after you've been doing this for a while; I tell my mods and CMs not to be shy about just banning them. In the long run, they will do nothing more than monopolize the mod team's time, and add no value to the community. The real successes come when you've got someone on the borderline and you can turn them into a positive influence and community advocate! Often all it takes is to give them back the POSITIVE attention and energy that's the opposite of what they're putting out; some people come to the keyboard feeling like they are shouting into the void; once there's a human face that is genuinely telling them they are being heard, their initial motivations -- feeling disconnected, ignored, frustrated -- can be turned to very good use, and they can even become very sticky community pillars.