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Discussion on: Does anyone actually use forums?

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I think this is a great question! I have also felt that Slack + Discord have been stealing the audience away from forum platforms. I suspect the main reason for this is because Slack + Discord are fairly easy to configure compared to traditional forum platforms. Also there is a lot of integrations for both Slack + Discord. Since I have been using Discord for a long time, I should mention that the main appeal early on was the voice chat which was a big thing for gamer communities.

If you want someone to build a community using your platform, the best way to showcase what the product does is to build your own community using Playgroup and show it off as an example. If your own community grows and you get an active user base, im confident that you will start to see others ask how they can also launch their own community. I see that you do have your own Playgroup communtiy but it is hidden under the menu > resources > community forum. It might be helpful to put your demo community front and center and truly ephasize it on your website. You want users to quickly discover it as a demo and navigate to it so they can get a feel of your product.

@michaeltharrington makes some really good points and the main one I also agree with is the SEO and ability for users to discover your forum content via search engines. It's also very easy for me to share posts made on forums using a url. Forums also allow you to make content public which means even nun-members can read/view the content. With Discord or Slack, you cannot see what is going on within a community unless you join. Forum platforms are also more blog friendly compared to something like Slack + Discord who are more focused on live chat. If you ever join a very large Slack or Discord community, you will find that it's hard to keep up with everything. These platforms have tried to introduce "threads" feature in order to deal with that issue but its not the best solution in my opinion.

@vytas also has makes a very important point. You need to educate potential users on what makes Playgroup unique. What are you offering that is an improvement or that others do not. If you think you've got some strong differences then you might want to create a few charts comparing your feature list vs the competition on your website. Make it easy for me to understand why I need to think about using your product vs the other popular options. Like sometimes the features are all the same as the competition but you may offer a price that no one can match. Emphasize your startegic advantages!