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What is a happy and engaged community?

inkyv profile image Inky Vos ・1 min read

Hi everyone!

I am new here as a member, and this is also the first time I work in a role that serves the member community of an organisation. I am looking for some advice on how to answer the following questions:

  • What is our definition of engagement in the community?
  • What is a happy community?

How did you define your metrics of success for your community and do you have any advice on where to start to figure this out?

Thank you in advance!
All the best,

Discussion (3)

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Ben Halpern

One signal is a sense of ownership. When people say "us" even if they are not "owners" of the community per se, it's a great sign.

inkyv profile image
Inky Vos Author

Thanks!! That is a great one, I will keep an eye on the word "us" over the next period!

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Alex Angel

Engagement can look different for every community, so it's hard to help you define that without knowing more. Think about why your community exists, what value you're creating for your members, how you expect your members to behave (among other things)--from there you can get a better understanding of what sort of content creation or engagement tactics you should focus on, and figure out what the ideal/target levels of participation/engagement are.

There are lots of ways to tell if you have a "happy" community--more often than not they have members who get excited to talk about your community without you prompting them to do so. They may share things your community has done and invite people they know to join, or consistently create and add value to the community. People trust the community and feel comfortable having open, thoughtful conversations with other members.

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