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Jake McKee Ask Me Anything

Hello everyone! Thanks to Alex and the team for asking me to be part of the AMA cycle… and to giving me a chance to ramble on about my all time favorite topic: super users, fans, and all things community nerdery :)

Just so you know a little about me as we start this AMA, here’s my brief bio:

  • I love bullet points. I think in them, and I certainly post in them.
  • I’ve been doing community work since that meant convincing clients to put an email address on their web sites (“What happens if someone contacts us???”… uh, you reply? Yes, this used to be a regularly conversation)
  • My brief resume:
    -- I was at LEGO where I was one of the first dedicated “Community” people and was responsible for the relationship between the adult fans and the company
    -- I was at Apple where I ran the Global Support Community
    -- I co-founded Ant’s Eye View, a social and community consulting practice that we sold to PwC (where I then became a partner, working with some of the world’s largest companies on social and community projects)
    -- I’ve had a huge roster of clients like Southwest Airlines, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Outdoorsy, YMCA of the USA, Dell, MBO Partners, Canon, and lots more.

  • I have two awesome side projects to keep me additional busy:

    • Dinner5 ( - a monthly event for senior community community professionals that helps drive connection, camaraderie, and cone of silence collaboration. In the Before Times, we met in person over a 5 course meal. In the pandemic world, we are meeting virtual, but with some really great food and fun.
    • Home Game (homegamecomic) - a web comic for and about community management

Beyond the work stuff, I’m a proud dad of an awesome 13 year old daughter who is hilarious and weathering the pandemic school at home situation better than I could ever hope. I spend countless hours on photography and scale modeling… and up until recently renovations on my new house. (Pro tip: Never move and/or renovate at the start of a global pandemic)