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Jake McKee Ask Me Anything

Ah wow. That's a good question! Let's see...

Online community is known
A huge change since I started doing this is that we don't have to explain what online communities are to our colleagues anymore. Well... not as much anyway hahah. When I started doing this work, it was a daily struggle.

Fan culture has gone mainstream
When I started at LEGO, the LEGO Star Wars line had just come out. Lots of people loooooved it, me included. It's what brought a lot of adult fans out of the "dark ages" of LEGO Fandom. But most of us felt weird about sharing our nerd love with the world. You'd walk into an office building anywhere in the world and find tiny amounts of LEGO geekery or a other nerd geekery. But today? Every office building in the world has tons of nerd fun all over them. The impact of our shared comfort as a society with connecting over our shared interest has had a massive impact in how we connect online (and offline).

Products/Services designed with community in mind
Community, social, connection, and sharing aren't marketing after thoughts any more... they're core design features. I don't just mean products that have Wifi connectivity. I mean color palettes, designs, fabric choices, packaging, support features, you name it... from day one the question "how are customers going to connect, share, and support each other with this product" is part of the core design process. This wasn't the case in 2000.
(And as a guy who went to school for Product Design, I'm pretty excited about this!)