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Jake McKee Ask Me Anything

Hahaha. Give the way that LEGO parts are held to crazy tolerances that 3D printer better be world class!

My work was focused on adult fans, but generally speaking (and I see and hear this principle is how they handle things today as well), it was all about building and propagating a culture that was focused on creativity. "The Brick" was what we were all there for. I talked about the LEGO Values (a platform that was there before I started at the company) and I talked about my goals and values on the community team. I prompted and prodded the fan community leaders to consider their own personal, club, and community values. I asked them to tell me about their values (many that existed before I ever showed up).

Basically I made values a direct and (often) indirect focal point of so much of what we did together. I made it something aspirational. I got the community leaders to rally behind the idea of doing good and being inclusive. Not because it was "for the kids" but because it was more fun that way. If their content was "safe", then it could easily be printed in the newspaper or posted online or shown on TV. It could be displayed in a shopping mall for an audience of thousands. Who doesn't want to be proudly showing off their work??

And interestingly this applied to being "pure LEGO parts" too. (Meaning: don't use competitor pieces, don't use third-party or random parts, don't cut/modify LEGO parts... just use parts that came from LEGO itself as-is). We made it part of the culture. It was part of the fan culture and I exploited the hell out of it.

Everybody goes home happy!

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Michael Tharrington

Awesome response all around. 😀 Thanks for that!