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Jenn Everett

Hi, all! I'm Jenn. I used to live in San Francisco, but moved back to my hometown in PA just before we discovered COVID. I still work remotely for Uber as a content strategist on their website, but I've been renovating the tennis club I grew up playing at and still managed to open it last summer. A lot of the senior members came back but I believe I need to get a younger generation here as well to survive. Additionally, I started an online community called, the Break-up Committee in fall of 2018 and we are at a modest ~200 members. No one else runs this with me and a lot of the time I feel like I have the least amount of headspace for it but I want to give it more of my attention and love! Hoping I can learn fundamentals to make this more self sustaining eventually. Thank you :)

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HI Jen, I too a a Pennsylvanian but still a few hours from you. I live in the Pittsburgh region. Nice to virtually meet you!