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Discussion on: Any tips for a newbie CM who inherited a very passive community?

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Jenny Weigle

Hello Bree! I second what Rosemary and Max have said...It's incredibly important that you start off talking to those engaged members, preferably 1:1 because you'll get the most valuable info that way (plus I'm sure they'll appreciate the attention from the Community Manager). Then, use the info from those talks to start working on your new strategic plan. You're in a Re-Imagining phase here, so start over. Create fresh goals and plans for the community. Once your plan is complete, and you have a better idea of what you want to accomplish, then you're ready to start evaluating platforms. It's better to have your vision fully in place so that you can evaluate the various platforms and which would be the best one to execute your vision/plan! Wishing you all the best!