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Discussion on: We are the Forem Team, Ask Us Anything!

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Jess Lee (she/her) Ask Me Anything

Hey Andrew, great to see you here, and thanks for all of the awesome OSS contributions :)

We are indeed really fortunate to receive a lot of inbound interest when we publish new job listings. We've tried to tune up our process to be really scalable, while remaining very empathetic, human, and communicative to the candidate.

Instead of take home assignments or any sort of white board interview, we use questionnaires as part of our application process. We do our evaluations in a blind manner, where no one can see results until everyone has left their feedback.

The questionnaires also allow us to look apples-to-apples to each person, and to assess the skills of:

  • Direction & Organization
  • Versatility & Adaptability
  • Autonomous & Takes Initiative
  • Communication
  • Self Awareness & Humility

Each of these buckets map back to our company values and principles, and they are important traits that we look for in all of our team members (in addition to role-specific skills).

While all of these characteristics are important, we especially want to determine whether a candidate will be able to work effectively in an asynchronous and remote environment. That is a huge factor in their individual happiness here, and a big part of how we communicate and get work done.

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Andrew Bone

Thanks for your response ☺️. It's been great learning by contributing to Dev/Forem. I think it's amazing you manage to keep your human element even as you rapidly grow.