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What are your main difficulties as community builders?

We would like to understand what are your main barriers or disadvantages when developing your own community.

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young crypto wolf • Edited on

Working on building a community for a web3 company and these have been my biggest challanges

  • Involvement
  • Engagment

How do I get memebrs to particapate in chats?
Whether its members starting these chats or getting involved in chats that are existing?

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Katherine Sawicki

I'm at the start of building ours! I am inviting our partnering companies and consultants to create accounts, but the buy-in is still a little too early for them.

New users are slowly joining and my team are posting new content everyday, but it's not enough to have our partners post independently!

I think the "slow burn" is just part of building an online community!

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Shelley Ruelle

Determining what metrics will show value to help stakeholders understand the concrete value a community can bring to a brand. And then, trying to figure out how to measure these metrics.

Determining the best strategy for a public launch and figuring out how to leverage existing customer base/leads to bring them into the community.