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Discussion on: Tips for First 30-60-90 Days

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Congrats on the new gig Kerri! That's so exciting. I'd start out by introducing yourself via video. You can film a quick video intro to say hello.

I highly recommend reaching out to members of the community and chatting with them 1:1. I've found it's the most effective way to get to know the community and build trust, especially with an established community.

When doing this, talk to the vocal folks (super positive and highly critical) and the quieter folks so you can get a good range of opinions and feedback. I usually go into these conversations with no real agenda, just want to have a "get to know you" discussion.

It's also helpful to read or watch old Community threads, videos, etc. to get a feel for how they typically talk to each other (eg. Are they super formal? Do they love GIFs?)

In a similar vein, have coffee chats with other team members who work with users a lot. They'll likely have insights on how to best approach certain people / big personalities / etc.

Hope that's helpful!