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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What strategies do you use to help prevent Community Manager burnout?

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I know @brianoblinger has many a thought about preventing burnout, so calling you in to share your wisdom (or rants LOL)

I think it's really important to create a safe space for CMs to vent or rant about frustrating situations, negative community members, etc. It's important that all CMs have someone to talk to that understand the pain. This is why I think it's so key to have a community team and community of community builders (like Community Club). You can voice frustrations without having to explain why something is frustrating or why community matters.

Another key thing is taking time off and preserving it! If you're managing CMs, make sure they're getting ample time off to step away from it all. This should be more than one day at a time. Take a week+ vacation, get off email/Slack, and don't check on your community. Decompress and reset.

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Kirsti Buick Author

Thanks for weighing in Jocelyn! I love the idea that CMs are among the people who need community the most. ❤️