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Discussion on: Engaging with your community champions...

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Hey Katie, love that you're checking in with your Community Champions. Is the main issue that you feel like they're not communicating with you or that they're not participating in the community?

If it's more about lack of communication between you and the Community Champions, I think it's worth having an honest conversation and getting feedback about how often they'd like to communicate and in what formats. Some folks may be more receptive to 1:1 phone calls every month or group calls. They might be seeing your messages and deciding it's not important to respond.

If you're not seeing the expected amount of activity from them in your community, I would still recommend having a conversation with them, especially the folks who aren't responding as much, to get a better understanding of what's going on. Sometimes folks just get busy with work or life. Other times, they're not sure where or how to participate (eg. all the questions are answered).

Hope that's helpful!