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Discussion on: Curating content from other communities to build a... community

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John Preston

In Get Together [1], the first chapter talks about finding out who you want to get together and why you are all getting together. So I would echo what Tessa said: find your MVPs, people who believe in the why and will put the energy into producing stellar content. And as Alex said, leading by example is key, to help motivate those early members and get the fire burning.

And I would echo Ben's comment as well: it is tempting to try and fix the problem with features but if you make it too easy to cross-post then you can make the signal-to-noise ratio highly variable. I think there is a lot of value in aggregating existing resources though: maybe people can't directly cross-post individual links, but they could still create a post which has links inside it, so they can create a post which links to many resources. This adds additional value to the individual links because you can discuss them in the context of each other: "this blog post was great for XYZ reasons but I found this other blog post more helpful for ABC".

Good luck with your community building efforts, we're all really excited to hear more about your journey! :D

[1] by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto, from Stripe Press; great book :)