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Community + Business Goals

Hello! This is my first full post here so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Josh, I'm a startup founder and working my way towards starting a community for a subset of customers/potential customers. They already exist as a community I just want to provide a fresh place to hangout. It's mostly for hobbyists looking for help and some professionals who serve the industry.

The platform I'm choosing is a completely custom one. I've worked on it slowly over the past year or so here and there and I'm working on a few final development sprints towards launching an early first version in the next couple months. Working on the app is part of the fun for me so that's why I went this route.

I'm just starting to really consider what it means to run a community and I probably should have some time ago but I'm glad I found this one. I look forward to reading more great content!


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Rosie Sherry

Hey. Great to see you custom building a community, I wish there were more people doing that!

What already exists for the community? And what are you building that is different?

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Josh Author

Thanks! What already exists are decades of web forums, more recently Facebook groups and in person local clubs. What I'm building won't be too unique, but I'm trying to make it more modern than a web forum yet more searchable than a facebook group for technical help. Part Quora, part Instagram, part web forum is kinda what I'm going for.