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Discussion on: Welcome to The Community Club! Introduce yourself to the community 😃

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Josh Rozin

Hey everyone! I’m Josh.

Like Cole there, I first started building communities in Minecraft in high school. Long gone are the days of getting embarrassed in gym class and having uncontrollable acne. Though, I haven’t built a community in around 6 years, I’m back... with a vengeance.

Okay, okay, slow it down, Josh. You’re community building! It’s not time for vengeance, it’s time for nurture and growth... vengeance comes later.

So now I’m working on a project called Pools. Pools is an investment community built on showing off how your investments are going (not as cool as Minecraft but still cool). Some things I’m going to be talking a lot about: community building systems, community culture, and building content out of communities. I’m also on Twitter where I’ve just started “Building in public” which I’m super stoked about. It’s been going great so far and I love to post my quick case studies about community building and development. Check me out over there at @joshrozin .

Super excited to be a part of the community!