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Discussion on: Curating content from other communities to build a... community

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Josh Rozin Author

Oh yeah! Definitely agree.

You know, I had this thought where community building should be enabled by systems but completely forgot about the hand-on work you mentioned that gives those systems that push. It's awesome that you touched on emphasizing behaviours by yourself in a way that's emulatable (new word?). Alright, so! This gives me some ground work for a plan to explore. Thank you so much for giving this thoughtful reply!

Side note: It's very cool that we'll both be building communities side by side.

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Alex Angel

I think the hands-on touch is really important for community building at all stages. Offloading processes to systems is fine if you're at a place where it makes sense for your community's stage (e.g. if you have a well-established community with tons of members and other people helping with moderation and engagement, or if it's something simple like routine threads, newsletters, or social media), but once communities lose that high-touch feeling a bit of the magic is gone and (at least in my opinion) it's hard to get back.

Definitely looking forward to seeing how your community-building journey evolves, you're going to develop some great insights that I'd love to hear!