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JP Zarate
JP Zarate

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Build or Outsource a Community?

Curious - has anyone outsourced (either to an agency or independent consultant) the development of an entire online course & community from the start?

Built and sold a few companies in the IT/Cybersecurity space previously, but still learning the online course/community building game.

Debating the pros\cons of organically growing from scratch or allowing experienced pros to handle the development and growth. Are there any proven results or recommendations y’all could lend?

Much appreciated!

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Rosie Sherry

I guess I would ask why you want to build something.

I'm pro custom building, for the freedom it can give. There are obviously pros and cons when compared with using existing tools. It's not for everyone.

I don't think I would custom build something without first trying spending time growing an audience and community before diving in and assuming that people actually want a community.

Like, start a website, blog, email list, and experiment with events of some sort to get a feel for what people's appetite really is.