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Looking for a freelance CM

Hey folks!

A treasured former coworker has asked me if I know anyone who could help her run a community for her company on a contract basis.

Here are the details:

Target audience: Superintendents and principals

Core tasks: Get them to communicate with each other, moderate the community, flag conversations that should really be support tickets.

If anyone is qualified/interested/available, or knows someone else who might be, I’m happy to put you in touch.

She’s in the evaluation stage (can we find an external resource to help us with this?) so you could potentially have a lot of impact on the project.

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Paul Jones • Edited on

Hi Juliana, I would be happy to learn more about her needs. I'll DM you on LinkedIn!

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I'd be curious what platform is they are using. I'm happy to help with a consult if needed.