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Discussion on: AMA with Holly Firestone

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Katie Ray

Im curious about how you encourage community members to engage more with the platform (ask questions, get on for AMA's, etc)?
Also, what type of marketing do you do to get more members?

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Holly Firestone Ask Me Anything

There's a lot of different ways to do this. I created the O, SNAP framework (attached image) that outlines different ways you can incentivize high levels of engagement/participation in your community. I also wrote a blog post about it. I updated the framework a bit, so the blog post is a tiny bit outdated, but almost all of it still applies. You can find it here:

When you're just getting your community started though, I highly recommend seeding some of the content. Reach out to customers you have a good relationship with and ask if they will post some questions and answers. Talk to internal teams about posting as well. That way, when people show up, your community will already have some activity. Nobody wants to join an empty community!