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Katie Ray
Katie Ray

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What would you say to yourself at your first community role?

If you had a piece of advice you would share with your younger self, at your first community role, what would it be?

Hopefully this can help us newer community peeps, and also provide reflection for others.

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Alex Angel

Ohhh this is a great question. I would tell myself so many things, but I think the most important would be:

Don't let your job consume you.

It's really easy to let a community management role take over most of your life because there's always something that needs doing. In my particular role I was contending with so many users from all over the world that I would get anxious going to sleep because I knew that I would miss things that would either escalate in my absence or just pile up by the time I was awake. It was a vicious cycle, and one that was difficult to break. Eventually I found a decent enough balance, but I wish I had taken the time to do that earlier so I could have enjoyed life a bit more.

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Such a good question! Mine might be a bit different than what you're expecting.

The first ~4 years that I spent building community, I didn't even realize what I was doing. The community building sort of happened accidentally, which led to missteps in building what should have been built. I'd go back and tell myself "you're building a community-first business dummy!" and pointed myself towards resources to learn and be intentional about what I was doing.

I do think that happens at times in the community space, where folks from marketing, support, success, etc sort of fall into community and don't realize it for quite a while.

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Mary Green

I would say be personable, build relationships with all different types of profiles in your community, keep testing, keep learning.

Also, I had no idea you are a gin enthusiast, what exactly does a gin enthusiast do?

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Katie Ray Author

hahah! I like to find good gins to drink

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Carolyn McIntyre

I would say don't expect this to happen quickly. Community building takes A LOT of time and effort, so be patient and enjoy watching the community grow :)