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Kerri Williams

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Tips for First 30-60-90 Days

As I’ve been taking a week between roles to recharge, I’m now starting to shift into preparation mode as I start a new Community lead role on Monday.

Aside from the general ‘first 90 days’ items, what are some specific questions/actions/insights you might recommend to someone new to an organization, taking on an established community?

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Brian Oblinger

My top 5 tips:

  1. Announce to everyone that you are here to fix their very broken company
  2. Establish dominance in all manner of communication and meetings
  3. If anyone disagrees with your plan on the basis of customer needs, just say "people don't know what they want until you show it to them."
  4. Set a 4,000% ROI target
  5. Ask for a promotion at the 60-day point

Just kidding (but seriously). Jocelyn's answers are great. Meet as many people as you can, learn about what they care about, and start to craft the story you're going to tell about how community can contribute to their goals.

Remember that you've probably forgotten more about community than anyone at that company will ever know. Go forth and GSD.

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Kerri Williams Author

Now I understand the eye rolls hehe :p. I do love a good ‘what not to do’ list. Thanks Brian!

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Hadas Drutman

Congratulations on your new role Kerri! My biggest advice would be to come in and LISTEN. As a new employee joining a new company and especially as a community manager, you want to meet as many stakeholders and community members as possible and really dive deep into the culture of the org and its community through them before you jump into doing anything or fixing anything that may be needed to be fixed. You have this unique opportunity to build relationships and learn from everyone else around you and a great excuse for it too. The second piece of advice I’d give you is to constantly remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH. We tend to go into this crazy sprint to prove ourselves when starting a new job but you have to remember that the company that you’re joining hired you for a reason. They wanted you to join as much as you wanted to join yourself and being yourself is a lot already :)

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Congrats on the new gig Kerri! That's so exciting. I'd start out by introducing yourself via video. You can film a quick video intro to say hello.

I highly recommend reaching out to members of the community and chatting with them 1:1. I've found it's the most effective way to get to know the community and build trust, especially with an established community.

When doing this, talk to the vocal folks (super positive and highly critical) and the quieter folks so you can get a good range of opinions and feedback. I usually go into these conversations with no real agenda, just want to have a "get to know you" discussion.

It's also helpful to read or watch old Community threads, videos, etc. to get a feel for how they typically talk to each other (eg. Are they super formal? Do they love GIFs?)

In a similar vein, have coffee chats with other team members who work with users a lot. They'll likely have insights on how to best approach certain people / big personalities / etc.

Hope that's helpful!

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Erica Moss

So exciting! Congrats. This may already be a part of your plan, but I've heard folks like Shana Sumers and Holly Firestone talk about doing a roadshow with key stakeholders in marketing, customer success, support, etc. to learn about their goals and how community can best support them. I feel like that's really brilliant, and establishes community as a key lever instead of an afterthought.