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Discussion on: AMA with Gene Chorba

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Katelyn Gillum

Thanks for doing this AMA, Gene!

I hate to bring up the obvious, but I've been watching and observing the explosion that's been happening in the gaming space throughout the pandemic.

Two questions related to that:

  1. Based on your experience, what other types of innovation should we expect to see from the gaming industry in a post-Covid world?

  2. What excites you the most about what we've seen so far (as a result of Covid) and what's to come?

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Gene Chorba Ask Me Anything

Thank for the questions.

2020 was the biggest year I have ever seen for games. Everyone staying at home broke a wall and made gaming way more accepted in every facet of society. A large question for the industry is was this a one-time thing? or will this continue past covid?

As for trends, I expect to see way more social games within the next 12-24 months. People will build and release products that allow you to be with your friends in a virtual environment. Things like Fall Guys, Among Us, and many more have started a trend I expect to continue.

One of the coolest things to come out of Covid has been the further democratization of tools, talent, and games, and general. We are nowhere close to being good at it, but we are seeing talented games now being made from all over the world. I have been incredibly happy to watch the influence of non-traditional game makers grow over this time.

Lastly, the thing I am most excited about is that my parents now play and understand games.