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Discussion on: AMA with Robert Gelb

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Kirsti Buick

Hi Robert! Love what you mentioned about maximizing content. I'm specifically interested in post-event content strategies, if you have any guidance to offer there? 😊

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Rob Gelb Ask Me Anything

Absolutely Kirsti - creating an event is basically determining a date and then driving a bunch of people's energy into creating a bunch of content and have it ready in time. It's one reason why larger online events end up being so efficient when it comes to the sheer amount of content they result in. There are a few things I'd keep in mind in terms of how best to use that content going forward:

1 - Keep the event open/available for reg if you can - not only for SEO, but in order for new people to discover the content after you're all done

2 - If you're pre-recording talks, also pre-record other collateral as well. If you're scheduling time with me so that I can record my presentation (a great hack to make sure you get your presentations in on time!), also ask me to record a 5 min, 2 min, and 30 sec summary of what I'm going to be talking about in the same session so that you can use it in the lead up!

3 - Re-purpose content using other channels. Each talk can be converted into a blog post, or each recording could be turned into a podcast episode. Both could then be dripped out throughout the next year/month/quarter to get folks excited for the next event.