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Kishoraditya Chaudhari • Edited on

Hey all!
Kishoraditya here. Just another "curious about many things" person. I currently work in product, growth and community at an early stage startup. I own a failed startup, which I have started working on again as a side project. And also take up freelancing gigs from time to time in mostly electronics, energy, iot and product but also in IT and software, simply because there a lot of gigs in these two domains :P I love to work on side projects, the hustle helps me come to better solutions. Currently I have developed a liking for building a community. So looking to learn a ton from each one of you and would be happy if I could of any help to anyone! So lets connect!
The favorite part of building community for me is I guess being represented as a collective and the extent of results we can achieve by collaborating. I guess, world would still be a much better place if barter system was kept consistent instead of today's capitalism. What do you think>?