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Meet Skwirl, the social marketplace for modern collectors

What is Skwirl?

Skwirl is a social marketplace where collectors can buy, sell and admire sports cards, trading cards and collectibles.

What exactly is a social marketplace?

We believe that collecting is a deeply interactive and social hobby. I remember dropping by the local card shop to chat with the owner about trading cards. Sometimes I would buy something. Sometimes we’d just talk. Sometimes I’d admire the cards in the display case. I also have fond memories of taking cards to school and trading with my friends. We'd obsess over our favourite players and completing our collections.

We want to recreate these experiences in a modern web application.

Imagine that Instagram and Etsy had a nerdy website child who was really into collecting and that’s kinda what we’re going for.

Why did we make Skwirl?

This project is driven by an obsession for collecting and a yearning for a deeper online experience.

There are a few different online marketplace options out there, however they are not tailored to the needs of collectors. We want to change that. We think that collectors and players deserve a better option. One that has lower fees, an integrated social experience and designed specifically for collectors.

What's on our roadmap?

We are a small team of 2 people and plan to release Skwirl in stages. This will allow us to get feedback from the community along the way and adjust accordingly. So that means that all of the following statements are subject to change - consider yourself warned :)

Our first target is to release a basic marketplace in the fall that allows users to buy and sell trading cards. This will be a closed beta release where anyone can sign up to make a purchase, however the selling experience will only be available to our early access members.

We will continue to add more sellers in a series of waves and eventually move into an open beta in the winter. This will allow us to shape and refine the marketplace experience for our users based on early feedback from the community.

Once we are happy with the marketplace we will shift our focus to the social experience. This will allow our users to show off their most prized collectibles, admire and follow other collectors and subscribe to a feed that is tailored to their interests. We really want to capture that experience of being in a store or at your friends house nerding out over trading cards. We’re still designing the specifics and hope to involve the community in our process as we go.

Once the social experience is in a good place we will move towards a full public launch in early 2022. After this we have lots of other ideas for improvements, including bounties, trading between users and collection tracking. But with everything, we will listen to ideas from the community and prioritize as we go.

Is Skwirl only for trading cards?

No! Our vision is to be a platform for all types of collectibles. Our focus is trading cards, but we will still have categories for other types of collectibles like toys, comic books, games and more. We want to be inclusive to all circles of the collectible world. We just happen to know trading cards the best, so we decided to focus on that first.

How can you help?

We are a very small team of 2 people and quit our jobs so that we could focus on this full time. If you are interested in what we are doing or share our vision there is a number of ways you can show your support. You can help us spread the word by sharing this post, or any other ones with your network and friends. You can subscribe to one of our membership levels which offer different perks and rewards for early access member. You can come join the conversation on discord, facebook, twitter or wherever you feel most comfortable.

We cannot wait to share Skwirl with the world. Until then, happy collecting 👋

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