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Katie Hong


I think I reached a pivotal moment in my life. Let me explain:
Last month, I was your regular freshly graduated undergrad - stomping around job boards, slurping up "career guru" advice on how to land your first job, madly implementing advice from those "Do this, not that" blogs. By chance someone I really admired in the creative industry was hiring for a CM position, and without much thought (or understanding what exactly a CM is) I applied - and miraculously got an interview. Post interview I went down the rabbit hole trying to figure out how to work the platform mentioned and found Community Club. I'm hooked.

So, hi again👋- I'm Katie an aspiring community manager who is fascinated with how the digital space has transformed the way we gather and how it can be used to amplify the good we can do in this world.

Right now my challenge is learning how to translate my community building skillsets from observing and working with incredible connectors and gatherers in offline settings to the online space and, more importantly, figure out what exactly needs to be done to help people out.

Oh yeah, and finding a job. There's that to!

Currently, I'm reading The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker and so far it is a wonderful collection of types of gatherings and how to design those spaces. (recommending as relevant food for thought!)

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Ben Halpern

Great to have you