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Discussion on: #ClubChat: How do you handle conversation fatigue in your community?

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Lauren Clevenger✨

Do you mean community managers feeling fatigued from conversations?

Or the members being fatigued by the activity in the Community?

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Michael Hall • Edited on

Or people being fatigued with the topics available, leading to a decline in conversations?

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Alex Angel Author

I guess there are a lot of ways to approach this question... I didn't think it was quite as loaded when we posted, but now I'm thinking of all of the different ways it could be interpreted!

  • Within one community space, is there a lack of participation because members are generally overwhelmed with all of the communities they're involved in?
  • Within one community space, do members get tired of the same topics being covered by different members?
  • Within one community space, do people get overwhelmed with the amount of activity happening which leads to decreased participation?
  • Across multiple channels in your community do people get tired of the same topics being discussed on all of those different channels?