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Discussion on: #ClubChat: How do you handle conversation fatigue in your community?

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Lauren Clevenger✨

Do you mean community managers feeling fatigued from conversations?

Or the members being fatigued by the activity in the Community?

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Michael Hall • Edited

Or people being fatigued with the topics available, leading to a decline in conversations?

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Alex Angel Author

I guess there are a lot of ways to approach this question... I didn't think it was quite as loaded when we posted, but now I'm thinking of all of the different ways it could be interpreted!

  • Within one community space, is there a lack of participation because members are generally overwhelmed with all of the communities they're involved in?
  • Within one community space, do members get tired of the same topics being covered by different members?
  • Within one community space, do people get overwhelmed with the amount of activity happening which leads to decreased participation?
  • Across multiple channels in your community do people get tired of the same topics being discussed on all of those different channels?
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Simon Tomes

These are fantastic questions. Thanks for sharing, Alex.

Perhaps these also help:

  • Within one community space, do members get tired of the same person jumping in on a topic/question at every opportunity?
  • Within one community space, do members hold off from sharing because someone who is considered an expert has already quickly shared their views on a topic/question?

I've experienced both of those situations within a community I belong to. There's a person who is very well respected in the community and has been around for some time – they are a consultant. They jump in quickly on any question related to their area of expertise. I sometimes hold off from adding my thoughts to the discussion because of this. It's an interesting phenomenon to reflect on. And I assume other members hold off too, although I'd be curious to find a way to test this assumption.

I've often wondered how I would work with a community member who is super active but at the detriment of other members, not by malice or bad acting. They're active because they want to help and because they are attempting to sell their services as a consultant without being all "salesy".

I guess if other members get value from their replies it makes sense for them to continue with no intervention from a community manager. Yet I wonder what impact it has on other members and their propensity to share. I have a hunch it has a slight negative impact on capturing a diverse voice of opinions and experience. Perhaps 1-2-1 chats with community members to get a sense check of whether this a genuine problem would help – without mentioning names or making anything personal.

As a Community Manager how might you approach this situation?