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Shannon Emery • Edited on

Hi all!

I finally made it to the Community Club! Eek!

My name is Shannon and I've been in official community management for about ~6 years.

Huge nerd about all things community because that's been my life from day 1. I grew up in a community based culture (my Mom's family is from Guyana), grew into online community growing up, and I'm the person with the groups of friends that wouldn't otherwise know each other if it weren't for me. That does make me sound a bit egotistical but I love connecting people and seeing relationships blossom. Told ya - nerd to the core.

I currently run both the internal and external communities for Higher Logic. Don't worry, I'm not here to sell you anything. I grew up in corporate community management so I love things like use cases, ROIs, crying when members tell me how much their community means to them, so on and so forth. I cry in private though.

My favorite part of community? Connecting people. Other part? Playing with data to enhance the experience.

Excited to be here, share, and learn from some of the best. 😊

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Alex Angel

Yay, glad you finally made it here too!! If you're feeling spicy I'd love to hear your thoughts on using data to enhance community experience (it's a hot topic that I know a lot of other folks are interested in, too).