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Discussion on: Welcome to The Community Club! Introduce yourself to the community 😃

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Liana Neri

Hi all - so exciting to join this space =D I'm Liana. I've been working in Community since 2016 where I launched and managed Australia's first online community for General Practitioners , shareGP. I'm now working to (hopefully) build and launch a new community in my current organisation Cbus Super Fund, for members approaching retirement to connect, get advice and lean on one another in their journey to retirement. Soaking up and learning from all you good folk is a god-send :)

I'm from Melbourne, Australia (where we are just about to come out of a BIG period of lock down). I've spent a lot of time the last few months cooking feasts, walking, watching my AFL team play a horrible season, listening to podcasts, and watching old Alfred Hitchcock films.

Very happy to be here!

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Alex Angel

Hope your AFL Grand Final Friday was enjoyable this year, even if your team was terrible :D