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Liana Neri
Liana Neri

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Community starter kit

After many conversations and presentations to convince my organisation that we need a community (we're already a membership based organisation), last week I was endorsed by my Executive to "make it happen."

I have been on a high ever since, very excited to get stuck in!

While I made a pretty good plan of attack to actually start, I want to make sure I'm not missing or rushing anything. I know she'd like this built yesterday, so I'm really emphasising that we need to take our time to get the foundations right.

Can anyone share a clear-cut plan / list of things for me to cover to make sure I'm not missing anything when starting from scratch? Basically, a Community starter kit.

Bare bones of what I have so far includes:


  • stakeholder roadshow, interviews & feedback
  • member research and feedback
  • SWOT existing landscape


  • Strat document inc purpose, vision & mission
  • supporting playbooks - guidelines
  • Governance Framework
  • content types

Platform Selection

  • research & recommendation
  • budget considerations

Planning & pre-launch

  • Activation calander
  • content plans
  • beta environment
  • how to guides
  • founding members program

Much appreciated in advance!

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Alex Angel

Congrats!! Excited for you, and glad you were able to make the case for community at your organization.

This actually seems like a pretty solid start. I'd also think about what other roles or contributors you'd need internally as you develop the strategy and launch plans. You may be able to hold down the fort on your own for a bit, but having a basic plan for what additional areas may need coverage will be immensely helpful so you aren't caught totally unprepared.

It may also be worthwhile to think about how members of the existing team will interact with the community, and what the expectations are for each department. Will you need development help for anything? How will Marketing be aligned with community initiatives and vice versa? Are you expecting other teams to be active within the community, and how should they participate?

Lastly, might help to think about short, medium, and long-term success. How will you measure success and communicate it to stakeholders? What might you need to ensure you are able to figure out these pieces?

These may not be necessary for you to have totally figured out for launch, but keep 'em in the back of your mind as you're working through things. The most important step here will be figuring out the purpose your community serves and what members will get out of being in the community (and what your organization will get out of the community, too).

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Liana Neri Author

Love, love, LOVE all these thoughts. Thank you!

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Chris Detzel

There are a lot of things I have done in the past and have described it in my blogs. Happy to get on the phone to talk more if you want.

**Building B2B Community Content Starts With a Good SEO Strategy

**How to Build an Online B2B Community

**Online Community Platform Vendor Selection

Hope this helps!

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Nisha Baxi

Love that you are thinking through all of this! Please share everything that you learn with this group.

I'm with Alex on making sure you have metrics! I'd start by listing the top three objectives for the company and have sub-metrics to explain how they tie and affect the top three company objectives.

No one will ever say no if you're helping propel the yearly company goals.

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Liana Neri Author

Thank you thank you :) It is, the challenge now is to keep the momentum going.

Jono's book is already on the way. And the Rosieland course sounds great! Thanks for sharing

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Nisha Baxi

Also with platform selection check out G2!