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Monetizing communities meaningfully?

Some back story for context: I started my community building journey 3 years back and it comes purely from my passion for the investment community. I managed a few small online communities on Discord, Slack and Reddit. I fell in love with community building because I have seen first hand what a group of people being passionate about a subject can do to help each other.

And as most of you would understand community building is really not an easy feat and despite being passionate about it I am of course hoping to earn some side income if it is possible.

Obviously, these platforms do not have direct monetization features for community builders and I refuse to just slap some brand deals or advertisements which I personally think will devalue the community.

What are some ways in which I can monetize my communities meaningfully? Without jeopardizing the community's reputation.

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Ben Halpern

We have sponsored contests on DEV which tend to be loved by communities and sponsors alike. We also have podcasts to complement the community, which have sponsors (podcast sponsorships tend to be well received vs other forms of sponsorship) and can be bundled with the contests.

I think our pattern is affective. Good sponsor relations is hard work, but we have a nice process. One important principle for us is to not max these out. This stuff works because we keep things fresh.

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Emeka Onu

Thanks for sharing. How's the Listings performing in terms of revenue?

Dev seems to be the biggest community for developers so far. Why haven't Dev started a recruitment service like, Vettery, etc?

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Rosie Sherry

I built up Ministry of Testing which was community first, then I figured out how to make money.

Initially we did events/conferences as that is what I felt the community needed.

Also now make money from annual membership and sponsorship/ads/deals with companies.